Core DJ Radio Show March 13-15, 2015

March 14th, 2015

What up!  Another hot weekend and another hot show!! This weekend is the St. Patrick's Day Edition of the CORE DJ RADIO SHOW.  Listen up as there are always big thangs poppin on the Core DJ Radio show !! CORE DJ Retreat 24 is set to go June 19-22 in the ATL  . .  find out about registration information online on the CORE site at

This week Bigg b has the Bigg News, DJ Mike Lang aka DJ Mike Lizzy has the Quick Mix sports report and we have all the music you need!

In hour three, reppin Macon, GA,  Core DJ Frosty is in the mix! Check out how Frosty is making waves in this article:



March 7th, 2015

What up!!! Core DJ Radio coming at you WITH THE "Spring Forward" edition . . . let's keep rockin!!  This week we got you as we do every week!  DJ Mike Lang is back with the "Quick Mix Sports" report . .  Bigg B has the Bigg News and we got all the music you wanna hear.


In hour 3, DJ JoNasty his week is in the mix!  Let's get it!


DJ JoNasty
Instagram: @djjonasty_